What is Your Scrap Car Worth?

The massive need for scrap metal, plastics and for recycling to be conducted, due to, amongst other things, global warming, is what has caused the scrap vehicle industry to flourish. If you need to sell your car but do not want the hassle of any comebacks then now is surely the time to scrap it rather than anything else. The problem is, how do you find out the value of your scrap car or van, when you are no expert and only a few of the metal prices are quoted on the stock exchange, such as Aluminium, Copper, Lead, Zinc, Tin and Nickel. Even if all the prices were quoted, how do you know how heavy your car actually is and what percentage is recyclable. How much is it going to cost to dispose of it?

Modern cars are made using a lot of steel which isn’t an expensive metal and is recycled in abundance, a kilo is priced very low at just a few pence. You may check the prices offered by different scrap car buyers or scrap metal companies on the web, as there are hundreds of them within the UK. The problem is, how heavy is your car or van, how much of it is cheap steel or better material such as copper or the like? This is why you should deal with a company that knows the exact facts and can offer you a competitive price accordingly, like Scrap Car Buyers who are experts in this field.

Most components on your scrap car are made of Aluminium such as the gearbox, sometimes the engine and other ancillary parts, this is to keep the weight of the car down and in the main helps save on fuel consumption. This is worth more than the steel, about 10 times more, however, it weighs far less so does not effect the value too much. Also on your scrap car you will find copper in abundance, whether this be as motor windings, such as your starter motor or even windscreen motor and of course in the miles of copper cable used to link all your electrical parts. Copper is one of the most valuable metals upon your vehicle. Finally, you have your catalitic convertor, this can be worth as much as the rest of the car put together under certain circumstances. Although, if your car has had this changed during it’s life time, this will generally be of little value. Scrap Car Buyers take all of this in to account when pricing your car using their unrivalled experience in the scrap car industry.

Your Car Type Matters

Scrap Car Buyers knows the value of cars and will offer a price based on the commercial value of the vehicle for breaking or exporting too, if this value outweighs the value as scrap, then the price offered for your scrap car will be greater accordingly. This is unlike many scrap car dealers who simply offer you the price based on the current weight to scrap value. These types of companies are the ones to be avoided at all cost for many reasons. Firstly, they are interested only in the quick cash turnover, they give little thought to what happens to the car or even yourself once they have made a fast buck. Lots of them will not deal with the paperwork leaving you wide open to problems further down the line. Who knows where your car may end up? It may not even end up in a scrap yard and crushed, where does that then leave you? Maybe one day you will see your car on crimewatch and where will that end?

Avoid the £80 Fine

Make sure to deal with a licensed and registered company like Scrap Car Buyers, you will then know that there will be no issues in the future to deal with! There will be no parking tickets, no untaxed car fines or even worse.

Let Scrap Car Buyers deal with your scrap car or van, legally, effectively and with the environment process in mind.