Birmingham Scrap Car Buyers carry a massive stock of used car spares in our 50,000 square foot warehouse facility.

From Austin Allegro spares to up-to-date modern cars we can probably help you with used car spares. Please call our car spares hotline on 0844 811 1721 and one of our used car spares team will be happy to assist you.

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All our used car spares are checked before removal from the donor vehicle and are guaranteed to work. Based in Wolverhampton in the West Midlands we are close to the M6, M5, M54 and the Black Country Route. Our trade counter customers find it easy to reach us, however, we also offer a mail order service and can ensure that the part you require is delivered to you the next day if you are unable to visit us and collect.

You will be amazed at the stock we carry, window regulators for the new shape Renault Megane, hubs for an XK8 Jaguar and even a fuel tank for a Morris Minor, if you need cheap car parts be sure to call Birmingham Scrap Car used car spares department on 0844 811 1721.