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Are you in need of cash? Does your car just cost too much to maintain? Don’t worry, we can help! The first step to selling your car is choosing where to sell it. Thankfully, you have us to do that for you! Whether you live in Blackpool or anywhere else in the UK, we can buy your vehicle and pay you cash on the spot.

What We Do?

Our company, Scrap Car Blackpool, provides a fast and easy way to scrap your car. Simply fill out our free quote form on our website and receive an instant cash offer on your vehicle. Don’t want to part with your junker? That’s okay; we offer free towing services as well. Get started today by calling or filling out our form online—your vehicle will be off of your hands in no time.

Why Choose Us

Recycle your car today

Perhaps you no longer need your vehicle, or maybe it has been involved in an accident that means it cannot be driven. Instead of leaving it to rot on your drive, scrap it for cash. This can not only be a money-saving venture—it is also environmentally friendly and does a world of good for our planet’s future. Whether you wish to donate your car and benefit a charity or want to sell your car as a whole or useable parts, we will happily dispose of your vehicle free of charge.

Getting Rid of  Your Junk Vehicle

You’ve probably noticed that old cars aren’t worth nearly as much as they used to be. These days, it seems like everyone is concerned about saving money and that can have a big impact on how much you get when you sell your car. If you’re looking to make some cash off of a junk car, it might be time to scrap it instead. It’s a great way to generate revenue without breaking your bank account.

Call Us Now

We will make you an offer over the phone. We can come to collect your car at a time and place convenient to you, or we can meet you at our yard with your payment once we have evaluated your vehicle. We pay cash for scrap cars and vans throughout England including Blackpool, Preston, Blackburn, Chester and many other areas.

You Get Paid on The Spot

You can sell your scrap car to Scrap Car Blackpool, and you’ll get cash. It’s that simple. You don’t have to pay expensive removal fees; we collect any make or model of vehicle—even if it doesn’t start—and we don’t need keys, a title, or even paperwork. We give you cash on the spot, so you can walk away knowing you got a great deal.

Fast and Friendly Service

Scrap-car buyers arrive within 24 hours, give you an estimate of how much your scrap car is worth and then remove it—all at no cost to you. It’s quick, easy and leaves extra cash in your pocket. Don’t be stuck with a dented automobile taking up space on your driveway. Call today and get that old clunker out of there. Scrap-Car says it will only take about 20 minutes from start to finish!

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