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What can diesel fumes do to our health?

Lately, the discussion about the pros and cons of diesel and petrol is heating up. The fact that Volkswagen got into trouble for misrepresenting the emission levels of their new cars sparked the discussion even more. And now many other car brands are following suit. Governments across Europe are discouraging the use of diesel cars. At this moment in time, some cities already have banned the use of older diesel models within their city centres. Other cities, such as London, have launched additional taxes for specific vehicles and there are talks about doing the same in Birmingham. There are many ways of discouraging people to buy diesel cars. More than 10 years ago, there was a push towards diesel cars though. Resulting in many people being converted to buying a diesel car. Now there has been a total 180° U-turn on this subject. It is understandable that people are confused now. What do we know about air pollution? It is said that air pollution is a contributing factor in more than 25,000 of deaths in England every year. Triggering heart attacks and aggravating respiratory conditions. Britain’s roads are busier than ever. With around 320 billion miles being travelled on a yearly basis, it is estimated that about a third of air pollution in urban areas is caused by car fumes. What does diesel pollution do to our bodies? Air pollutions is built up from several toxins such as: Carbon Monoxide, Nitrogen Dioxide, Sulfur Dioxide, small particulate matter and Ozone. But

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Get creative with used tyres

Worldwide each year more than 3 billion tyres are thrown away. 20-25% Of these tyres are being reused for their original purpose after they have been retreaded (the worn treads of used tires are remoulded, so they are safe to use again). However, this process can only be done with tyres that are still in fairly good condition and the manufacture of retreading is under very strict regulations. When this is no longer an option, the tires are recycled. This is what happens to the remaining 75-80%. Recycling is the process of converting certain materials into different materials and objects. Basically, we need to find new uses for them. Besides really practical purposes (hot melt asphalt, crumb rubber modifier—recycled pavement, an aggregate in portland cement concrete, etc.), there are also a lot of super creative people who find ways of reusing tyres in the most brilliant ways. Shredded tyres used in surfaces One of the most popular surfaces in equestrian arenas is a mixture of shredded tyres, fibre and sand. Initially, a pure sand surface looks great and is easy to keep clean. But after a while, it becomes really compact and loses its bounce. This has a bad impact on the horses' feet and tendons. By adding shredded tyre pieces on the top the sand the bounce can be maintained. These pieces are ideally 15-20mm. Over time they would disappear into the sand though, hence the addition of fibre, which slows this process down. The fibre also adds more

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How can you do your bit for the environment?

It is common knowledge that cars produce emissions. These exhaust gasses have a negative influence on the air quality and, consequently, possibly also on our health. The 3 main emission gases are Carbon Monoxide (CO), unburned Hydrocarbons (HC) and Nitrogen Dioxide(NOx). For example Carbon Monoxide reduces the amount of oxygen our blood can carry. And high levels of exposure to Nitrogen Dioxide can affect lung function and increase the response to allergens in people who are sensitive to these. The European Union has set maximum permissible levels for concentrations of pollutants that are harmful to human health and environment. These standards are applicable to every car that is being produced nowadays. Furthermore, over the past years the quality of fuel has been improved. This is also a large step forward in trying to lower emissions and improve air quality. Compared to 1970, new cars are now 50x less pollutant. This sounds good, but we have many more cars on the road now. So even though this is a considerable step forward it is not enough. There are many easy ways for us to do our bit in trying to lower our CO2 footprint. Buy wise The information available when buying a new car is comprehensive. When making the decision to buy which car, you should take this information into account. We can buy cars with next to no emissions now. This will also save you money, as owners of cars with low emissions pay less car tax. Drive wise Speeding

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What happens to scrap cars?

In this current time where recycling is very high on the priority list, people try to recycle and reuse as much as possible. People have been very inventive in finding uses for most materials and products that are no longer needed. There is even a use for chewing gum that has been chewed and spit out (recycled chewing gum makes great bins and other plastic products). And with information now being readily available people like to know what happens with their rubbish. Councils try to do their part in treating the rubbish that is collected from us. The car industry definitely does their part. There are many reasons why a car can no longer be on the road. These cars could have been in an accident and be beyond repair. Or maybe it is an older car that will no longer pass the MOT. And thus, is no longer safe to drive. Instead of leaving these cars somewhere on the side of a yard or a back garden, the vehicles are now often “adopted” and taken through the entire process of recycling, reusing and disposing of. So, what happens with scrap cars? Only 2% of the entire vehicle cannot be recycled. These materials will be disposed of with the environment in mind and under current EU laws. The other 98% of the vehicle will be recycled and reused. First, the cars need to be decontaminated. This means all liquids are removed (oil, coolant and fuel). These liquids are kept separately

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Why Is Car Recycling Important?

When it comes to recycling your car, the entire process is one which is very important and should not be dismissed out of hand. There’s a lot of benefits which can be gained from recycling your car, but a lot of people do not realise just how vital the recycling of your vehicle is. We’re going to be taking a look at why it is so important, and why you should recycle your car. So, why is car recycling important? There are around one million cars in the UK which are recycled every year, and this a number which is steadily growing. Recycling is important because it helps to protect the environment and stop the build-up of car skeletons from increasing. You've all seen junkyards in films and movies, and they’re often filled with the remains of old cars which have just been left. Over time, they gather rust and break, and this doesn’t go anywhere. It just sits there, poisoning the environment around it. 98% of the vehicle can be recycled However, there’s no need to create that level of waste to take place. On average, around 98% of the vehicle can be recycled at any given point, and it all helps to protect the environment. After all, the fundamental principle behind recycling is that you can take materials which have already been used, clean them up and use them again for something else. This means there’s no need to craft more of something, and you won’t use as

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How can I scrap my car with Scrap Car Buyers

Birmingham Scrap Car offer quite a few ways to scrap your car or van nowadays: By The online submission form. By email – Simply email [email protected] with your name, car make, model and year and first part of your postcode By Free Phone – 0800 533 5139 where we can give you a price over the phone in an instant. By Land Line – 0121 526 4666 where one of our staff members will be able to offer a competitive price on your scrap car. By mobile or text – 07584 629 544 for a scrap car or van price including out of normal office hours. By mobile or text – 07836 532 330 for a scrap car or van price including out of normal office hours. Our prices offered for scrap cars or vans include free collection from your drive, place of work or garage. We may be able to offer you an extra premium if you deliver the car to our depot in Wolverhampton. Please be aware that it is no longer legal to pay for scrap cars in cash, neither is it legal to sell scrap cars for cash, so please do not ask for a cash price as we cannot offer cash anymore. We can pay you by cheque or bank transfer and along with your V5C (logbook), we also require photographic ID on most occasions and always if you deliver the vehicle in to us direct. We will offer the best price available for your

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What is Your Scrap Car Worth

What is Your Scrap Car Worth? The massive need for scrap metal, plastics and for recycling to be conducted, due to, amongst other things, global warming, is what has caused the scrap vehicle industry to flourish. If you need to sell your car but do not want the hassle of any comebacks then now is surely the time to scrap it rather than anything else. The problem is, how do you find out the value of your scrap car or van, when you are no expert and only a few of the metal prices are quoted on the stock exchange, such as Aluminium, Copper, Lead, Zinc, Tin and Nickel. Even if all the prices were quoted, how do you know how heavy your car actually is and what percentage is recyclable. How much is it going to cost to dispose of it? Modern cars are made using a lot of steel which isn’t an expensive metal and is recycled in abundance, a kilo is priced very low at just a few pence. You may check the prices offered by different scrap car buyers or scrap metal companies on the web, as there are hundreds of them within the UK. The problem is, how heavy is your car or van, how much of it is cheap steel or better material such as copper or the like? This is why you should deal with a company that knows the exact facts and can offer you a competitive price accordingly, like Scrap Car

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