When it comes to recycling your car, the entire process is one which is very important and should not be dismissed out of hand.

There’s a lot of benefits which can be gained from recycling your car, but a lot of people do not realise just how vital the recycling of your vehicle is. We’re going to be taking a look at why it is so important, and why you should recycle your car.

So, why is car recycling important?

There are around one million cars in the UK which are recycled every year, and this a number which is steadily growing. Recycling is important because it helps to protect the environment and stop the build-up of car skeletons from increasing. You’ve all seen junkyards in films and movies, and they’re often filled with the remains of old cars which have just been left. Over time, they gather rust and break, and this doesn’t go anywhere. It just sits there, poisoning the environment around it.

98% of the vehicle can be recycled

However, there’s no need to create that level of waste to take place. On average, around 98% of the vehicle can be recycled at any given point, and it all helps to protect the environment. After all, the fundamental principle behind recycling is that you can take materials which have already been used, clean them up and use them again for something else. This means there’s no need to craft more of something, and you won’t use as much of the fossil fuels the planet has in the production. As well as this, the recycling of these materials helps to bring down the levels of CO2 which are expelled into the atmosphere.

Saving the energy and natural resources

The recycling of the steel is one of the primary reasons why car recycling is essential. When the materials are recycled, you’re saving the energy and natural resources that would be required to create a new amount of steel to replace the existing contents. As well as this, there are actually legal requirements for people to recycle as much of their current vehicle as they can before getting a new one, so you should always remember it is against the law to just get rid of a car and not recycle it, mainly if it can’t be used again, and this is called the ‘End Of Life Vehicles Directive’.

Overall, there are many reasons why recycling your car is such an important task. You need to make sure that it is recovered because you’ll comply with the law and you’ll also be helping to protect the environment. There’s always a good cause to make sure that the world we live in is kept as healthy as possible, simply because there’s only one Earth. We don’t get a second chance to screw it up, so we need to make sure that we look after it. Car recycling is important, because when you consider all of the parts which make up your vehicle you get a lot of materials which would be harmful to the environment if you just threw them away.