Welcome to Scrap Car Buyers of Birmingham and the Black Country, your local environmentally friendly buyers of all your scrap and unwanted motor vehicles. We pay cash on the spot and dispose of your scrap vehicle legally and with the environment in mind. All scrap cars and scrap vans are officially declared as scrapped with the DVLA to save you having any further problems in the future.
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Why Choose Us?

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It’s easy, it’s fast and without hassle to scrap your car or van with Scrap Car Buyers. Just complete the form above, press send and we will call you back to arrange a convenient time to collect your vehicle. We do not keep your data or pass it on to a third party.

Please note that we will offer you a fair price for your scrap car or van and we will give you the best price available on the day of collection, do not be conned in to believing that your scrap car has no value. Steel is in great demand and when recycled the steel far outweighs the cost of collecting your vehicle, recycling it correctly and within the EU directives.

We always make sure that DVLA are informed that your vehicle has been scrapped removing any liability from you, you will not need a SORN on the vehicle if it is not taxed.

  • Scrap Car Buyers buy mot failures, scrap & accident damaged cars
  • DVLA documentation taken care of
  • Free collection
  • Friendly & efficient service
  • Eco friendly process
  • Fully licensed
All parts of the vehicle including tyres, battery, oils and other fuels will be disposed of with the environment in mind and under current EU laws.

Others, who will have you believe that scrap cars are worthless and that they are doing you “A favour” by taking your scrap car away, are simply taking advantage of the laymans lack of understanding when it comes to the legalities of disposing of a scrap car. Scrap cars are valuable and when dismantled correctly offer excellent recycling materials such as steel, copper, gold and much more. Recycled vehicles are the life blood of the recycled metals industry and without such there would be a shortage of raw materials for industry both at home and abroad. Nowadays even scrap tyres can be recycled, these are used for things such as childrens play area flooring and even as chippings for ground cover.

By scrapping your car or van in the correct way you will not only be helping the environment, however, you will also be cutting your own personal carbon footprint too.

Recycle Yor Car Today and Help The Environment.